Spectrum Academy

Spectrum Academy

Spectrum Academy has been helping students on the autism spectrum for the past eight years at its North Salt Lake campus. Now, a second school will be opening in fall, 2014.
Spectrum Academy opened in 2006 in North Salt Lake and has been enriching lives of students on the autism spectrum and other students with specialized learning needs since.

The academy was founded by a group of parents wanting a better educational environment for their kids struggling with autism and other developmental delays.  The school's population now is a mixture of students with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, students through the autism spectrum, and those with other developmental delays. 

All the students benefit from the school's small class sizes, individualized instruction and innovative social skills.  As part of daily class, students work closely with licensed speech therapists, occupational therapists and counselors to assist with specialized sensory and social needs.

Spectrum Academy is part of the public school system and it receives public education funds and does not require tuition.  And, like other public schools, Spectrum Academy is open to the public.

Spectrum Academy Charter School is now opening a second autism-centered campus in Utah County.  The school will be opening in fall, 2014, and will serve K-8 the first year and continue to add grades until it serves 600 students K-12.  Registration for the Utah County school is now open, with positions filling on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For more information, please visit: Spectrum Academy Charter School.
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