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President Obama wants to scale back NSA phone records storage

Utah houses one of the largest international intelligence storage facilities in the nation.
WASHINGTON, D.C. (ABC 4 Utah) - President Barack Obama is ordering an overhaul to the so-called metadata program which gathers and stores the phone records of millions of Americans. The President says the National Security Agency should not continue to hold the information, but he is defending the country's overall spying efforts.

Salt Lake County houses one of the NSA's largest digital storage facilities of gathered intelligence. The facility is located in Bluffdale near the Point of the Mountain. A spokeswoman for the Salt Lake County Mayor's office tells ABC4 Utah News that the changes to the domestic telephone program should not affect the center’s mission and Utah employment opportunities. Tom Panuzio, a national security advisor for ABC4 Utah News, says the impact could be more significant.

For continuing coverage on the Utah impact stay tuned to ABC4 Utah News today and follow the story nationally on ABC by clicking here.
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