Latest report shows former attorney general 'manipulated' information

Latest report shows former attorney general 'manipulated' information

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) - Details of former Attorney General John Swallows handling of the investigation reveal more trouble.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) – John Swallow is being compared to former President Richard Nixon.
That’s how special counsel for the Lt. Governor’s office described Swallow in his final report to a House investigative committee.

"Mr. Swallow did things he probably didn't need to do to win the election for attorney general,” says Matthew Malli.

Malli claims Swallow failed to report money he received as income and tried to cover his tracks after feeling the heat.

“We also found a disturbing pattern of efforts by Mr. Swallow to manage or manipulate information often retroactively,” says Malli.

In November, the Lt. Governor's office issued five campaign violations committed by Swallow.

The day before, Swallow resigned saying he didn’t. But Malli doubts that's what drove him out of office. He says legal costs were paid by campaign donations.

Investigators claimed Swallow controlled the cover up and failed to disclose money from the likes of Jeremy Johnson who was indicted and check city owner Richard Rawle.

In a deposition Swallow explained it this way to investigators: “It was more to send a message to the public that I was done with these things. It's on the record that I was involved in these things. I'm just moving on.”

Malli says Swallow failed to report gold coins given to him by Rawle. He sold them back and got money in the form of a debit card which Malli says disappeared days before he had to report in on his campaign disclosure form.

Lt. Governor Spencer Cox says his office was planning on filing civil charges against Swallow but he resigned. But the Lt. Governor says the FBI and the district attorneys in Salt Lake and Davis County which are investigating for possible criminal charges have this latest report.

“We've shared the findings of the report and let them know our special counsel is open to any question,” says Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox.
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