Intruder accused of stabbing dogs in home

Intruder accused of stabbing dogs in home

WEST JORDAN Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Two dogs were repeatedly stabbed inside their home when a renter came into the home unannounced.
WEST JORDAN (ABC 4 Utah) – Two dogs are on the mend after they were repeatedly stabbed by a man who came into the house unannounced.
Paco Torrez is facing felony charges related to animal abuse.
Torrez was renting a basement apartment when the dog’s owner says he came into the home uninvited. Her stepson was the only one home with the two dogs.

“He (dog) was bleeding bad,” says Cristy Patawaran. “Just blood everywhere.”

She was referring to two year old Chacho an English bulldog. His face was slashed repeatedly.
His companion Leila, a pit bull was also stabbed.

“Her wounds were her ear was halfway cutoff,” says Patawaran. “She had a stab wound up here and on her legs and arms and her jaw.”

Patawaran says Torrez was looking for a lighter. Her stepson who was the only one home tried keeping Torrez away.

“He locked the door but then he tried to get in,” says Patawaran. “He went into the room and the dogs are in there. He knows that the dogs don't like him so that's probably when everything happened.”

She says the dogs started barking and that's when things turned violent. Torrez allegedly stabbed the dogs during a struggle. She says her home was turned upside down with broken glass, blood stains and holes in the wall. Her son escaped through a bedroom window and Leila followed him out.

“They were just protecting somebody in our household,” she says. “Dogs are protective.”

Patawaran returned home to find police there. She found Chacho lying on the floor.

“They were just worried about Chacho because he was turning yellow,” she says. “He was losing … the most blood.”

Both dogs were taken to animal hospitals and treated for their knife wounds. Patawaran says Torrez who remains in jail will be evicted.

“We are very upset,” she says. “We are very upset. I mean a child was involved. I can't believe what happened.”
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