Flu in Utah

Flu in Utah

The flu is on the rise in Utah right now. Dr. Jason Church from Ogden Clinic's Mountain View location talks about the flu.
Dr. Jason Church from the Ogden Clinic's Mountain View location talks about the flu in Utah.

The virus is on a steep up-shoot right now.  One of the main reasons is because families got together for Christmas.  When so many people are under one roof, it can easily spread.  Also, kids can be germ factories and spread the virus to others.  That's because unlike adults, they don't always realize when they are sick.

Dr. Church says H1N1 is the predominant strain they're seeing right now.  It usually causes more symptoms in people under the age of 65.

But, any flu has the potential to be deadly, and it always is a significant illness.

Dr. Church says the best way to protect yourself is through a flu shot, but it takes a couple of weeks to have full effect.  There are different peaks to the flu season, there may even be surges as late as May.

Also, if you are sick, stay home and get well.  That way you won't infect others as easily.  Remember to wash your hands with warm water and soap, and you can also use hand sanitizers and disinfectant sprays.

If you have more questions, you can contact: Ogden Clinic.
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