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Younger You Preview: Total Health & Fitness

Check out what's coming up on the newest episode of the Younger You!
Nicea sits down with Jason from Total Health and Fitness to check out what is going on with the contestants of the Younger You. Tonight's show will give you a look into week eight of twelve in the Younger You Challenge. 

Contestants are really seeing their progress and are feeling more confident with their bodies. When you are this far into a workout plan, it can sometimes get boring so Jason has some tips on what you can do to beat that. It's summer and the weather is great so you can go outside and workout at the park or take a walk with your kids. 

Another important aspect of getting the body you want is eating. The contestants of the Younger You have taken steps to control their eating by prepackaging their meals and Jason says it will make your life more organized.

To see what else is happening on the Younger You, tune in to the CW30 tonight at 9:30 PM or catch it right here on ABC4 on Saturday at 4:30 PM.
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