Young entrepreneurs gather in Utah County to showcase creativity, ideas

Young entrepreneurs gather in Utah County to showcase creativity, ideas

A new program in Provo brings educators and civil leaders together to benefit start-up business ventures.
PROVO - A new program in Provo is creating a partnership between Brigham Young University and the city in an effort to benefit start-up businesses.

For Provo native Christian Faulconer, it's just another day at work.

"This is where were going to be for the next 20, 30 years," says Faulconer, Camp 4 Director.

Franchise Foundry is one of the many businesses Faulconer helped start in Utah.

"I've always had a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit," says Faulconer.

Now Faulconer is sharing that spirit with others, as the director of the New Camp 4 in Provo.

"Entrepreneurs really drive the economy."

"We have so many people here with a drive for entrepreneurship and talent," says John Curtis, Mayor of Provo.

Camp 4 officially opened Thursday May 2 and in the coming weeks the bare walls, empty chairs and newly painted tables will be filled with young entrepreneurs eager to start their own businesses.

"It's a really creative environment."

The building is located at 580 South 100 East in Provo. It's the same building where the Startup Candy Factory began in 1884.

"Were just really excited about the building and the rich history it has and were excited to keep that going," says Anders Taylor, building manager.

And that's the goal of Camp 4. Forbes Magazine recently named Utah as the best state for business and careers.

"There's a real sense of independence in this state. We can do it on our own. Bigger. Faster."

And for Christian, Camp 4 is proof of that.

Story by Matt Rascon
ABC 4 Utah's BYU Student Correspondent
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