Website helps you stay healthy

Website helps you stay healthy

It’s a health movement that is inspiring hundreds and its located right here in Utah.

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 UTAH) Are you looking to get healthy or another way to keep your new years resolution well we have a website for you.

It’s called  It launched on January 1st, 2013. What it promises you is a healthy lifestyle that will prevent illnesses if you follow their steps.

If you do Crossfit, run or do yoga this is the website that can track everything you need and more.  

“It’s centered around 3 main areas learn, achieve, and inspire health,” founder Rich Millar said. “I wanted to help prevent people from becoming sick instead of helping them after they were sick.”

To prevent you from getting sick he said there is no quick fix and you will have to put in a little work. There are no pills, juice cleanses or special outfits you got to buy. What’s nice is the website will add up calories, keep track of how many hours you sleep and your exercise.

“Health is relatively simple when it comes down to it and we want to give you all the information and tools for free,” Millar added, “It’s to help each other support each other and accomplish health goals you want.”



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