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Walls Walls Walls! How to Decorate Those Hard Spaces

Rod Works wants to help you decorate those pesky bare walls!
Rod Works wants to help you with those pesky walls in your home.

Whether you have tried to decorate them or have left them blank since the day you moved in...it's time to do something about it!

Alexis Crockett gives us the top 3 tips for decorating your wall:
  • Have a plan! Look at pictures online, surf Pinterest, come into Rod Works, whatever you need to do to get yourself excited and ready to tackle that wall! Plans can change but you need a starting point.
  • Go big or go home! The only time small items work is when they are surrounding a large item, so get out there, spend a little dough and get that focal piece (or two!)
  • Change it up, if you already have a clock, try a mirror, if you already have a mirror try a piece of wall art. If you're tired of one item try a grouping of items...and keep them spaced appropriately for your wall. Nothing should be up close to the ceiling or too low to really enjoy. You can also change what you have, or if what you find isn't quite perfect then switch it up, metal spray paints usually work well to make that quick and easy change.
Rod Works has so many great wall items to choose from and our entire staff loves helping put walls together!

Visit rodworks.com for store locations and hours.
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