Victim of domestic violence loses job

Victim of domestic violence loses job

LAYTON Utah (ABC 4 News) - She survived a beating from her boyfriend but doesn't survive her employer.
LAYTON (ABC 4 News) It was a moment that Christine Schofield knew may be her last.

Two years ago, her live-in boyfriend Quintell Grant came home and became angry. He took it out on Schofield.

"The first blow was to my face, off guard and it caught me off guard," Schofield says. "He pulled my hair, he hit me with the belt."

And she says he forced her to take off her clothes so she wouldn't leave.

In addition to the beating, she was sexually assaulted.

"(I thought) this was it," she says. "The father of my two kids was going to kill me."

But Grant left and several days later was arrested.

Meanwhile Schofield's troubles were just beginning. She was hospitalized.

And at first her employer Maverick gave her time off.

But despite a bruised face and broken ribs Schofield came to work the following week-end

"I wasn't all there," she says. "I couldn't just function knowing that he would have threatened my life if I would told anybody.

When she asked for more time off, she claims Maverick fired her for excessive tardiness.

"I was hurting and could barely get to work," she says.

Her sister tried helping her but to no avail.

"Maverick should have given her the time to recuperate, she had several injuries," Shelly Weber says. "She's mentally messed up."

Schofield's suing Maverick for wrongful termination.

A mediator attempted a negotiation but she refused a $1,500 settlement from Maverick.

Schofield has no full time job and still carries the weight of a battered woman.

"It is still hard and I am afraid," she says. "I have a lot of problems."

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