Utah Soldier killed in action

Utah Soldier killed in action

ELK RIDGE, Utah (ABC 4 News) – A Utah County family is mourning the death a son and brother who was killed in Afghanistan.
ELK RIDGE, Utah (ABC 4 News) – A Utah County family is mourning the death a son and brother who was killed in Afghanistan.

Cody Towse heard an explosion May 14 and immediately ran to help a wounded soldier.  Moments later, a second improvised explosive device exploded and killed four soldiers.

Cody was considered missing in action until May 18 when his body was identified.

The following day friends and family gathered inside the home Towse family home in Elk Ridge to remember his life and to comfort on another.

The atmosphere inside the home was somber but it was filled with peace.  People could be heard quietly talking to one another.  Occasionally someone would smile as they remembered something good about Cody’s life.

ABC 4 Utah’s Noah Bond was invited inside the Towse home to file this report.  He talked with his father Jim about Cody's last act to help another wounded soldier.

“He told me before he went he said, ‘Dad if I die over there helping save someone’s life that’s the way I want to go.’ I’m like Cody don’t even talk like that,” Jim said.

Cody graduated from Salem High School where he earned high grades.  He is also remembered as a good big brother and had a lot of friends.  His dream was to work as an EMT after leaving the military.

“He was an EMT when he was 18 like the first day he was 18. He took the test and got one of the highest test scores you could get in the State.  I think he was one of the youngest EMT’s in the State,” said Jim.

Bond also talked with Cody’s mother about her last conversation with him on Mother’s Day.  It was a special phone call because Cody was born on Mother’s Day.

“He loved America and he loved to serve and I’m so proud of him for having those feelings of wanting to serve his fellow men,” said Jamie Towse.

Cody was 21-years-old.  His 19-year-old brother said he was also trying to make other people happy.

“I just want people to remember all the fun times people had with him more than anything because he was the funniest kid he was so funny every body loved him and thought he was hilarious,” said Will Towse.

The Towse family is anxiously waiting for Cody’s body to be shipped to Utah.  Arrangements for his public funeral were not in place by the time this story was posted online.

His family set up a memorial fund at all Wells Fargo Banks. You can give to the “PFC Cody Towse Memorial Fund”. The money will be used to construct a memorial for Cody.

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