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UPDATE: Jury finds Eric Millerberg guilty in connection with disappearance, death of Alexis Rasmussen

OGDEN Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - A jury found Eric Millerberg guilty of first-degree felony child abuse homicide Friday evening.
OGDEN Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - A jury found Eric Millerberg guilty of first-degree felony child abuse homicide Friday evening.

Millerberg was found guilty on all four counts: unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, abuse or desecration of a human body, and obstructing justice. 

Friday morning the state's deputy Medical Examiner testified the cause of Allexis Rasmussen's death was "undetermined." But he described the high amounts of methamphetamine and heroin in her system. As an example he testified that the presence of meth was 6 1/2 times over the limit in which death occurs.

He called her death "highly suspicious" and said the drugs were the only explanation for her death.

Millerberg's attorney earlier attempted to introduce records that would show Eric Millerberg was working on-line doing course work at the time of Alexis Rasmussen's death. They wanted trial to be postponed until they could get those records.

Prosecutors objected because they claim that should have been done months ago. The judge agreed.

After the verdict, Weber County Attorney Dee Smith says he was optimistic about the case and the outcome, especially with the jury reaching a verdict so quickly. 

"The most critical part was the individual's (Millerberg's) friend who took law enforcement to the body and that was very important evidence," said Weber County Attorney Dee Smith. 

Millerberg's defense attorney Randall Marshall had very little to say after jury's verdict. In closing arguments, he told the jury Millerberg's ex-wife made up the whole story in order to save herself from facing harsher charges in her upcoming trial. 

When asked if he expected Millerberg beind found guilty on all four counts, Marshall replied, "I expected some of it. I was a little disappointed in some," said defense attorney Randall Marshall. 

Millerberg will be sentenced on March 18th. On one charge, child abuse homicide, Millerberg faces five years to life in prison. As far as Dea Millerberg, be ause she testifies against her ex-husband, she struck an immunity deal. Nothing she says in this trial will be used in her upcoming trial and she faces lesser charges than Eric Millerberg. 

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