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Unruly passenger causes problems for SLC-bound flight

A diverted plane ended up in a nightmare for many passengers coming into Salt Lake City yesterday.

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 UTAH) - A diverted plane ended up in a nightmare for many passengers coming into Salt Lake City yesterday.


The Delta flight 1189 was delayed by an unruly passenger.


Passengers say the woman was drunk before getting on the plane. Things got violent after she made a couple flirtatious passes at other passengers. 

"She did not seem completely sober," says passenger Dinora Padro.


Padro took video of the situation. She said things started out by a passenger asking a flight attendants help with the woman. The woman was taken to the back of the plane when things appeared to be normal.


"It seemed to be working and then things escalated and they had to restrain her. Yeah there was a lot of physical contact," said Padro.


The captain landed the plane in Minneapolis/St. Paul where they were met by police.


"Everybody was trying to keep their wits about it, but it was annoying at the moment and most people lost their connections," Padro added.


The plane finally landed two hours later in Salt Lake at 10:30 p.m.


"For us it is over today. For her this is going to last a long time," says Padro.

Officials at Minneapolis/St. Paul International say the woman was not charged by police in Minnesota because the incident happened in mid-air.  The FBI and TSA can pursue charges on the woman. There is no word if that happened.

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