Too Hot to Plant?

Too Hot to Plant?

LaRene Bautner with Millcreek Gardens says even though July is almost over, you still have time to plant colorful perennials in your garden.
Many people are wondering if it's too hot to plant.. And LaRene Bautner from Millcreek Gardens says no.

Keep you plants hydrated..don't let the sprinklers do all the watering. Turn on the hose and really soak the roots.

If your flowers or plants are drooping, give them plenty of water and they will come out of it. If they don't you haven't given them enough water.

Millcreek Gardens has plenty of plants that will continue to bloom throughout the summer.

Millcreek Gardens is located at 3500 South 900 East in Salt Lake City.  (801) 487-4131.

For more information, please visit: Millcreek Gardens.
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