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Tom Panuzio Talks about New Threat Against Winter Games

ABC4 Utah National Security Expert Tom Panuzio talks about the new threat against the Sochi Olympics.
There is a new threat against the Sochi Olympics.  There is credible information that terrorists may be hiding bombs in toothpaste tubes.  The warning is meant primarily for the international airlines that are flying into Sochi with athletes and spectators.  But, US officials say the TSA may soon announce additional security precautions too.

ABC4 Utah National Security Expert Tom Panuzio talked about the threat on Midday Thursday.  He says a few tubes of toothpaste could contain enough explosives to bring down an airliner.

He says Sochi is a very dangerous part of the world, because there are terror networks nearby.  There is more of a threat of a terror attack there, than when Salt Lake City hosted the Winter Games six months after 9/11.

Panuzio says for athletes and their families in Sochi, be prepared for very intense security, including long lines everywhere.

When it comes to Friday's Opening Ceremonies, Panuzio says Sochi will be the most secure place on the planet, but the risk of terrorism will still be present.  Panuzio says the air space around Sochi will be shut down, so will the maritime ports. 

Panuzio will be joining Midday every day throughout the Sochi Olympics.
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