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Time for the Summer Slim Down

Now is the time to kick start your nutrition and fitness and get ready for Summer!
It's heating up which means it's time to get rid of that extra weight we gained during the winter months. It's natural to think cutting your calories is the answer to your weight loss goals..but sometimes that can have the opposite effect.

Total Health and Fitness can help you avoid the "Skinny Fat" way of life by setting up personalized menus and fitness routines. They create weekly nutrition plans that fuel your body based on the activity you are doing. Their exercise plans focus on muscle development so you can increase your metabolism. 

Visit Total Health and Fitness online at www.totalhealthandfitness.com or call them 801-572-8050...You can even stop in and see them in Draper: 123rd south and 767 east. I you stop in they give you a free body analysis that will only take a few minutes.
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