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Tiffany Gets Her Life Back While Living with Hashimotos

Hear Tiffany's story of how treating her Hashimoto's changed her life.
Dr. Redd, Chiropractic Physician at the Red River Health and Wellness Clinic, talks about Tiffany's story and how treating her Hashimotos changed her life.

Tiffany's Story:
My life before seeking help with Red River Health and Wellness
•Brain Fog
•Weight gain
•Dry skin
•Heart Palpitations
•Poor circulation

I had been to many other doctors who only treated me with medication and routine blood work and adjust the medication accordingly. I was tired all the time. I had non-stop stomach pain; I had yeast infections on average, every 6 weeks. My smile became more forced day after day.

My life NOW….I feel FANTASTIC! Red River gave me my life back!!. They got to the root of the problem and now I have lots of energy to do all the things that I want to do now. I no longer have stomach pain, no more headaches, I lost all the weight that I had previously gained (15 pounds that was lost in the first month of treatment). My husband will say he has his wife back. I have not had a single yeast infection since the start of my treatment (8 months!!!) I’m back to my happy, bubbly self again because of Red River Health and Wellness!

Call Red River Health and Wellness St. George, UT 435-767-9355 & South Jordan, UT 801-446-2822 for a free consultation or visit www.lowthyroid101.com to download a free brochure.
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