Susan Answers Your Facebook Cleaning Questions

You asked, we answered! See what Susan says about your cleaning questions.
Susan answers the following questions from Facebook

Missy: The grease spots on kitchen cupboards, they haunt my dreams! Help!
Susan- Mix baking soda and warm water together and wipe down those grease spots with a sponge

Julie : Is there something you can use to keep dust from returning so fast on black furniture?
Susan- The dust comes up through the vents from the air outside. There is a trick! Used dryer sheets. Tuck the dryer sheet inside the vent register and it will trap the dirt

Tara: How do you get rid of the impossible hard water spots in my kitchen sink?!
Susan- Straight Vinegar! Scrub them right off after letting it sit for a few minutes. 

Ashley: How to clean big windows without leaving streaks
Susan- You just need a bucket of water and a few drops of Dawn dish soap. Wipe window down with wet soapy rag, squeegee the water and then wipe with dry cloth

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