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Summer Hair Trend: Hair Chalk

Be adventurous without damaging your hair! Hair chalk is the perfect way to give you a little summer flair without a long term commitment
Fun and bold color in your hair is a trend that Matthew Landis says will be around forever. But, you don't have to commit to it for that long. There's a way to get the same adventurous look without damaging your hair and with being able to wash it out for that important job interview coming up. 

Hair Chalk can be used on both adults and kids. It's safe, it's temporary and easy to apply to your hair. It comes out after 5-6 washes.

Summer is the perfect time of year to let your kids go a little crazy with their hair color since they may not be able to have fun with hair chalk during the school year. Go to the salon for a fun mother daughter date or do it yourself at home,  but take advantage of this safe and fun product this summer!

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