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Senator Hatch blames President Obama for Government Shutdown

Salt Lake City, UT (ABC 4 UTAH) - (R) Senator Orrin Hatch, Utah - says just because there is a shutdown "that doesn't mean there won't be money coming in." However, he has concerns for the military and national parks.

Salt Lake City, UT (ABC 4 UTAH) - The government has shutdown 17 times in since 1976. Some of the shutdowns lasted a few days. Sometimes they went on for two or three weeks. However, this is the first shutdown in 17 years.

(R) Senator Orrin Hatch, Utah - says just because there is a shutdown "that doesn't mean won't be money coming in." 

Senator Hatch tells ABC4Utah he is concerned the Republicans will be blamed for the shutdown. But in his opinion - the Democrats and President Obama are the people that the voting public should blame. "I've been here (Washington, D.C.) 37 years and all the past presidents, Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush, Clinton, George W. Bush have negotiated." He says President Obama refuses to compromise. 

He may have a point. The latest ABC News poll shows that 39 percent of Americans blame the Republicans for the shutdown, while 36 percent blame President Obama.

Of course, the fight this time around, is really about the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare. Senator Hatch holds nothing back when it comes to that. "We know it's a terrible bill. We know it's not going to work. We know it's going to cost an arm and a leg and it's not a good system."

Some agree with that assessment - others do not. A CNN poll says 57 percent don't like the Affordable Care Act. 38 percent support it. However, in a Forbes Magazine poll only one out of three registered voters - 33 percent - say the law should be delayed.


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