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Self Defense Week: Using everyday items to protect yourself

All-Star Karate Hanshi shows Good-4-Utah how simple everyday items can be used to protect yourself.

DRAPER, Utah (Good 4 Utah) - Not everyone has the training to react easily to an attacker, which is why Hanshi Darren Cox with All-Star Karate says recognizing everyday items as possible weapons is also important in self defense.

"Even a kid’s toy, if you think about it and train with it anything can be a weapon. My fist is a weapon,” said Hanshi Cox.

 Another helpful tool you can carry, a kubaton attached to your keys. “It's not just this striking end but the keys across the eyes,” said Cox.

Even without the kubaton, the jagged edge of your keys can poke someone in the eye and scratch their face

“Without the weapon, grab, I turn and I can escape this way, but with the weapon I don't care if you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger, he's going to let go. So strike, but say I am the terminator, so now you’re going to take the keys right across my eyes,” said Cox. He goes onto say going for the eyes is the number one self defense point. If your attacker can't see, it's going to be harder to grab you, increasing your chance to escape and survive.

“If you had even a pencil, you could strike me in the throat. Top that off with a foot stomp and it’s money a lot of the time. If you break my foot I'm going to have a hard time running after you,” said Cox.


The self defense expert tells Good-4-Utahs even something as basic as a skateboard can be used as a weapon.

“I'm carrying my RipStik I don't think anyone in their mind thinks this is a weapon, but it really is because of the way it’s shaped right here I could strike to the throat easily. For self defense you throw a punch you can use it to block like a shield and then strike with it,” said Cox.

So, whether you’re defending yourself with your body or a weapon the key to self defense is to always fight back!!

“If their committed to hurting you, then you got to have that self defense!" said Cox. Plus, as the victim, you have to commit to defending yourself, at all cost.

For more information about All-Star Karate or for their free self defense class June 7th Visit http://www.allstarkarateut.com/ or call

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