See How Girlie Glue Can Help You With Your Halloween Costumes

See How Girlie Glue Can Help You With Your Halloween Costumes

A natural and safe adhesive developed by a Utah woman is available now to help you safely stick things to your skin and clothes.
Girlie Glue was designed to hold accessories onto baby's heads, so mom's don't have to worry about uncomfortable headbands and clips from slipping. But there are so many other uses! The longer people own Girlie Glue, the more uses they find for it. Earrings, costume pieces, mustaches, hearing aids...

People love Girlie Glue because it is All Natural, Long lasting, but also temporary. If you want anything to stick to the skin, or hair, or even clothes/fabric, Girlie glue will give a long lasting hold, but wash off easily with water when you want to take it off.
In most schools kids cannot wear masks. Facepaints smear, make messes, and get all over everything! Girlie Glue allows for kids to stick costume pieces on the face to give detail without the mask and without the mess!

Girlie Glue is manufactured here in Utah.

Girlie Glue can be found online at It's also available at many hospital gift shops in Utah, children's stores and baby boutiques in Utah.

Girlie glue has so many possibilities.

GTU viewers are invited to put "Good Things Utah" in the ordering instructions box, in order to receive a free mustache or Halloween bow with each order placed.

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