Roy Officer saves man from fire seen as a hero

Roy Officer saves man from fire seen as a hero

Risking his life the officer ran into a burning home with live ammunition exploding around him.

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 UTAH) - The fire started in the area of 3900 South and 2025 West around 6:30 pm Saturday evening.  

"I arrived on scene and observed smoke coming threw the northern part of the building," said Officer Kyle Christensen who was the first on scene.

The home owner told the officer her son was in the basement.

"She also informed me she had a lot of ammunition loaded in the basement. That was when I was able to hear the ammunition going off in the basement," Officer Christensen added.

Risking his life the officer ran into the home relying on his fire fighter training he received in Idaho.

"I was standing on top of the stairs and as I was looking down I could see the fire in the basement. I could discern an individual at the bottom of the stairs and I could see that person moving," said the officer. "I went down the stairs, I grabbed him underneath his shoulders and brought him to the top of the stairs. Where I was met by another officer and he helped get him out the rest of the way."

Minutes after the three got out of the fire the home became completely engulfed.

"At the time we had flames 30-40 feet high," said Roy City Fire Chief Jason Poulsen. 

Roy fire department was able to get the fire out with out anyone else getting hurt.

"Thankfully for the Roy Police Department they actually saved this guys life." Chief Poulsen added, "they truly made the difference in this situation."

The man who was saved by Officer Christensen from the fire is in "fair condition" at the University of Utah Hospital. 

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