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Riverton residents fight against a plasma center in their neighborhood

Residents in Riverton are outraged over a piece of land the city may allow to have a plasma donation center built on.
RIVERTON, UTAH (ABC 4 UTAH) - Residents in Riverton are outraged over a piece of land the city may allow to have a plasma donation center built on.

The potential building spot is for Bio Life Plasma Services and is located in a residential neighborhood and within walking distance from a nearby school. The 17,000 square foot building would be directly behind several homes.

“Something like a plasma donation center coming this close to our neighborhood just infuriates me,” said Jennifer Springer a concerned neighbor. Springer and her family have only lived in their home 8 months, but having a plasma center practically in her back yard is something they are considering moving for if it gets approved.

Keven Mabey shares the same feelings. As the community's HOA president, he is putting up a fight with Riverton City to address their concerns. “It brings loitering homeless and security issues to the neighborhood and those aren't the types of things we want in our back yard,” said Mabey.

The three acre lot is located at 13503 South Hamilton Road. Riverton City wouldn’t go on camera, but issued this statement to ABC 4 Utah.

In part it reads..

"The property is zoned commercial regional, which allows for medical clinics and services as a permitted use.  Plasma donation services fall under that category of use, and so is a permitted use on this property."

It goes on to say…

"The site plan has taken into account the adjacent residential properties, and the building itself has been located more than 100 feet from those properties."

However, for Mabey, other neighbors and Springer the 100 foot zone isn't good enough when it comes to the safety of their children. “I can look out my back window and I see kids walking to and from school right by that property every morning and every afternoon. It seems as though there has been absolutely zero consideration to the people who actually live here,” said Springer.

A public hearing is being held Thursday night at 6:30 at Riverton City Hall where the planning commission will vote on a recommendation for the council. If voted yes it will then go for approval within weeks.


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