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Riverton High School's "Silver Rush" Names Olive Osmond Hearing Fund as 2013 Beneficiary

Salt Lake City (ABC 4)-- Riverton High School students have chosen the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund as their 2013 beneficiary.
Salt Lake City (ABC 4 Utah) -- Schools often have charity fundraisers, but one high school here in Utah is going to try to set a new national record!

Students from Riverton High came by Good Morning Utah talk about their fundraiser, Silver Rush and how it's going to be bigger and better this year. Riverton High school students, Brady Early and Cade Cardwell told GMU that the school chose the Olive Osmund Hearing Fund as the beneficiaries of the money that they are raising. 

The first of many events will be held this Saturday, December 7th, in the Riverton High auditorium at 6:30 P.M. It's called Little Wonders. It's a concert  and it will have big name performers like Alex Boye and David Osmund. Tickets are available to the public and are on sale right now for $15. You can call Riverton High to get them. The number is 801-256-5800.

Be sure to check out Riverton High's webpage for more events.

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