Protesters demand justice for Trayvon

Protesters demand justice for Trayvon

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) The steps of the Scott Matheson Courthouse were filled with people holding signs and demanding Justice for Trayvon Martin.
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 UTAH)- Not guilty. The verdict heard around the world in the George Zimmerman trial incited hundreds of protestors including one here Salt Lake City Monday night.

The steps of the Scott Matheson Courthouse were filled with people holding signs and demanding Justice for Trayvon Martin. They say the courthouse represents a house of justice which is the very thing they say the 17 year old unarmed teen did not get.

The Saturday night verdict of ‘not guilty’ spurs a rallying cry across the nation.

“What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!”

Amidst the chants sat Johnnie Mae Martin. Trayvon’s story hits too close to home.

“I know what the Martin Family is feeling today. Their son will never come home anymore,” said hate crime victim Johnnie Mae Martin.

Joseph Paul Franklin was convicted of a hate crime back in 1980. A jury found him guilty of murdering Johnnie Mae Martin’s son, David, and his black friend in Liberty Park in Salt Lake City. The two black teenagers were jogging with two white women when Franklin shot and killed them.

“I haven’t slept since Saturday night just a little bit here and there and when I hear that verdict it just did something to me,” said Johnnie Mae Martin.

Johnnie Mae Martin says Trayvon’s color made him guilty and not George Zimmerman.

Dan Felsen agrees, but says race shouldn’t be the focus of this latest injustice.

“Anybody who has a son; it could be any young man. It could be any young woman,” said protestor Dan Felsen.

As a former police officer, Felsen says even a cop wouldn’t have gotten away with what he calls the brutal slaying of Trayvon Martin.

“I had better sense than that. You talk to people, you say ‘hey man where u going? I’m neighborhood watch. Can I talk to you for a second? That's what you do,” said Felsen.

These protesters say they’re not angry but frustrates with a legal system they say failed them once again.

“You can't do everything wrong and do nothing right and not be guilty of something,” said protestor Michael Whittaker.

This case is far from over. The Justice Department is looking into any civil rights violations Zimmerman might’ve committed against Trayvon Martin. And George Zimmerman’s parents alluded to the neighborhood watchmen filling a lawsuit against the state.
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