"Pictureline" Says There is More to Photography Than Just the Camera

"Pictureline" is a wonderful resource for people who want to explore photography.
Jens Nielsen from Pictureline talks about the fact that there is more to photography than owning a camera.

Nielsen says over the last decade or so, the camera has become another consumer electronic device, similar to your alarm clock, microwave or hairdryer.  But he believes the camera deserves better than being grouped with an appliance.  A camera helps us capture and remember pieces of life, so what could be more important?

Nielsen also says that many people believe that they are photographers, simply because they own a nice camera.  He says many people purchase DSLR cameras with interchangeable lenses and are overwhelmed by the choices of buttons.  (There's a reason why the buttons are there).  In fact, Nielsen says 90 percent of people never even take their cameras out of "auto".  That means the camera is controlling you, instead of you controlling the camera.

Pictureline teaches a series of GTKYC "Getting To Know Your Camera" classes on Saturday mornings at the store.  They have broken the classes down to four concepts in an hour-and-a-half time frame.  There are three fundamental classes that teach a total of twelve concepts.  Once they are mastered, you will control your camera!

Pictureline is a wounderful resource for people who want to explore photography. Pictureline is located at 305 West 700 South in Salt Lake city.  (801) 364-1200 or Toll Free (800) 748-8200.  For more information, please visit: Pictureline.
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