One dead following officer-involved shooting

One dead following officer-involved shooting

An investigation is underway into a shooting that involved 3 police officers and killed one man.
Dillon Taylor
Dillon Taylor
UPDATE: Man killed in officer-involved shooting has been identified as Dillon Taylor, 21. 

SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – An investigation is underway into a shooting that involved 3 police officers and killed one man.

It is still unclear if the man who was coming out of this 7-Eleven had a gun or not. Witnesses say they did not see one and police did not confirm he had one.
What is clear is that there was some type of verbal argument before the suspect was killed.

Rick Munoz was at the 7-Eleven when the shooting happened, “I was sitting on the side of 7-Eleven when I saw 3 young males come though. By the time they got to the front of the store, officers pulled in patrol cars and tell them hands up.”

South Salt Lake City Police are investigating the shooting. It happened around 7 last night.

“There was a man with a gun, waving a gun around. Those officers responded to the area. They happened to be near by and they encountered that male that matched that description and he became agitated when they verbally challenged him,” said South Salt Lake Sgt. Darin Sweeten.

The man who has not been identified seemed to be with two other people.

“I could only see two of them and I guess one ran away from the scene and heard 2 shots fired,” said Munoz.

“Right over here on the intersection. I seen them walking some guys out to the car. They look Hispanic. They look younger. The guy was crying he was bald,” said Tony Naure.

The two men were not arrested, but are being questioned by police.

“It was very sad to see the two young men who had lost their friend and they kept calling him to wake up and respond and he didn't,” Munoz added.

Some witnesses say they saw the man reaching for something, others did not.

“Was the guy actually pulling something out of his jacket? What if he doesn't even have a gun? The man was killed,” said Naure. “What if he does have a gun? Was there a better way to take the guy out without actually killing him?”

Those questions will be answered as this investigation continues.
All 3 officers involved are on administrative leave pending this investigation.
Police have been interviewing witnesses and looking at surveillance video to try and determine what happened at the 7-Eleven.

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