My first trip to Moab... During the Federal Shutdown

Government shutdown or not... I was not cancelling my trip to Moab!
For weeks, my group of friends had been planning a camping trip in Moab during the first week of October. The site was picked, the meals were planned, the bags were packed... then the government shut down. Great.

The day before we were scheduled to leave, we still didn't know where we would be able to camp! All National park land was closed, even the BLM land around it was closed... we thought for sure the trip was through. Then... a stroke of luck. One of my friends found some private land near Moab where people could camp free of charge! So we hit the road, and headed Southeast.

Entering Moab was absolutely breathtaking. The red sand canyons surrounded every main thoroughfare. Our campsite had an amazing view of not only the canyons, but the La Sal Mountains in the distance. After a slightly chilly night by the fire, we woke up the next day to a beautiful desert sunrise, and were ready to hit the trails.

Obviously... a lot of the trails were off limits, but thankfully Dead Horse Point State Park was open! A lot of people were taking advantage, including our group. We headed to Big Chief Loop, strapped on our helmets, and were ready to ride. There were several scenic overlooks along the path, where we were able to stop and take pictures. It was definitely one of the most beautiful sights I've seen.

My only regret, is that I didn't get to see the famous sights Moab is known for (the arches, the canyons) but I still had an amazing experience. No government shut down is going to take that away!

Too see my entire photo album, head over to my facebook page!
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