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Millcreek Gardens on the Weather Porch

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the Weather Porch from Millcreek Gardens.
Jeff from Millcreek Gardens and our very own Dan Pope gives Good Things Utah a behind-the-scenes look at the plants on the Weather Porch.

Some of the plants include:
  • Weather Porch East Side
  • Trumpet Honeysuckle "Major Wheeler"
  • Ornamental Dwarf Peach "Bonfire"
  • Quaking Aspen Clump Form
  • Mandevilla "Sun Parasol" Crimson
  • Japanese Yew Emerald Spreader "Manloo"
  • Pine "Domingo"
  • Oak Columnar "Kindred Spirit"
  • Fountain Grass "Rubrum"
  • Sweet Potato Vine "Blackie"
  • Sweet Potato Vine "Margarite"
  • Lobelia "Riviera Blue Splash"
  • Lychnis "Lumina Bronze Leaf Red
  • Weather Porch West Side – Edible Garden
  • Rosemary "Arp"
  • Lavendar "Munstead"
  • Blackberry "Black Satin”
  • Sweet Bay
  • Ornamental Dwarf Peach "Bonfire"
  • Quaking Aspen
  • Ombrella Mimosa Tree "Boubri"
  • Greek Columnar Basil
  • Eggplant "Fairy Tale"
  • Eggplant "Black Beauty"
  • Basil (bloomIQ)
  • Basil Genovese "Red Freddy"
  • Cucumber "Lemon"
  • Tomatillo
  • Zucchini "Black Beauty"
  • Pumpkin "Jack Be Little"
  • Bell Pepper "Gypsy"
  • Pepper "Red Mini"
  • Corn "Jubilee"
  • Fig Tree "Brown Turkey"

Visit www.MillcreekGardens.com for more gardening inspiration.
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