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Melanie Haskell 'paid ultimate' price to be free of ex-spouse

LOGAN, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Melanie Haskell admits she paid the “ultimate price” to free herself from her former husband.
LOGAN, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Melanie Haskell admits she paid the “ultimate price” to free herself from her former husband.

Her divorce with Texas suspected murderer Ron Haskell became final in February. But it appears her husband couldn’t handle the

Wednesday, he entered the home of Melanie’s sister’s home and is accused of murdering her sister, her husband and four children. Their oldest daughter survived after being shot.

Her attorney Amirali Barker of Ogden represented Melanie during her 2013 divorce from Ron. He called Melanie following Wednesdays shooting. Her mother answered.

“She was quite concerned about privacy with the case,” says Barker. “They just want to move on with their lives as much as they possibly can.”

He says in talking with her mother he believes Melanie is in a state of shock.

“Just absolute shock,” he says.

The Haskell's were planning to move into a government subsidized home in Smithfield last summer. But neighbors say at the last minute, the Haskell's changed their mind.

"I don't know what happened to their marriage but they were having difficulties,” says Buddy Young who lives on the same street. “So she would show up and he would take the kids. They were never together.”

But most of their time in Cache County was spent in a Logan town home where neighbors say the Haskell's lived for about seven years.

After she was assaulted by Ron in 2008, her attorney says Melanie tried patching the marriage. But it didn’t work. He says Melanie got a protective order and moved from house to house to avoid contact with her Ron.

After the divorce was final in February, they split up. She moved in with her sister in Texas and Ron moved with his family in California.

Barker says no one knew Ron was capable of committing the type of crime he’s accused of. He says Melanie is probably feeling guilty.

"Melanie told her mother after this incident took place that she had to pay the ultimate price for her freedom,” says Barker. “And that ultimate price was the loss of her family really which is absolute tragic in my view."

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