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Mattress Dealzz and Local Utah Girl Send Dolls to Africa

How one little girl is making a difference in Africa and how you can help
Emma is just a normal girl with a big heart! When she heard her neighbor was visiting Africa to help others she wanted to do something to help the kids there. After finding a pattern in a magazine for a sock doll she started making them and sending them with her neighbor to give to the children. She has about a dozen girls helping her create dolls and they've named their organization Hope and Happiness. However, to help keep spreading happiness, Emma needs more supplies and that's where Mattress Dealzz comes in. After hearing about what Emma was doing they wanted to be involved. They say the best way to get a good nights sleep is to do good things. So during the next month or so you can visit any Mattress Dealzz location and can donate a $1 or more and Mattress Dealzz will match the donations they receive. 

They are calling it the, Proud to be an American: Support Africa Project and it runs June 23rd through July 31st. For a list of locations visit: mattressdealzz.com. We are blessed to be Americans! Help them Bless Others!

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