Martin MacNeill's daughter, Alexis Somers, takes the stand

Martin MacNeill's daughter, Alexis Somers, takes the stand

PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - For the second time one of Martin MacNeill’s eldest daughters took the stand in his murder trial Wednesday and shared with the jury why she feels her father is responsible for her mother's death.
PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - For the second time one of Martin MacNeill’s eldest daughters took the stand in his murder trial Wednesday and shared with the jury why she feels her father is responsible for her mother's death.

Alexis Somers is the caretaker of the MacNeill's youngest children, but in the days following Michele MacNeill’s facelift she also played nurse to her mother. She's a family medicine doctor now and she shared with the jury how she cared for her mother in the days before her passing.

Somers says she got into medicine because of her father. “He was someone who I loved and respected and relied on and someone who I always wanted to be proud of me,” said Somers.

In April of 2007 Alexis was in the first year of medical school in Nevada. She came home often and testified she was with her mother and father during one of their visits to the plastic surgeon. She described how in the car ride to visit Dr. Scott Thompson her mother got into an argument with her father about not wanting to get the facelift surgery.

"She wanted to maybe push it back till the summertime because I would be home for almost three month period, and she also had been recently diagnosed with some mild hypertension and wanted to be sure her blood pressure and things would be under control,” Somers testified.

Michele MacNeill did go under the knife on April 3, 2007. When she returned home Alexis became the main caregiver. She administered her mother's medications and cleaned her wounds.

Alexis told the jury how she found her mother unresponsive one morning because Martin had allegedly overmedicated Michele during the night.

"I told him that, after he said, 'yeah I did give her too much medication’ I said well you're not to give her any more medicine. I’m taking over," said Somers.

Alexis kept records of all the medication Michele was given and told the jury she didn't give her mother all the medicine she was prescribed. She never gave her the anti-anxiety medication Valium or the sleep-aid Ambien - drugs that were found in Michele’s system after her death.

"No I didn't,” testified Somers. “She didn't have any issues with sleeping."

On April 10th, the day before Michele’s death, Alexis testified her mom was doing great and so she headed back to school in Nevada.

"Most of her pain was really under control,” said Somers. “She was really well when I left. I wouldn't have left otherwise."

When Alexis called her mom the following day martin answered the phone.

"He said, that you're mother's not breathing, she's in the bathtub,” said Somers.

Alexis says she immediately hopped onto a flight home.

Somers testified, “The first thing I did was look for the medication and then I asked my dad ‘where's the medication?”

The prosecutor asked, “And what did he say?”

“He said, ‘I don't know I think the police might have taken it.’”

According to earlier testimony Martin MacNeill asked his son and his son’s girlfriend to flush Michele’s medication down the toilet just hours after she died.

Aside from her care giving, much of Alexis' testimony focused on Martin's mistress, Gypsy Willis.

Alexis testified that Michele knew about Gypsy and martin's affair; that she herself found out about it when she hacked into her father's phone records at the request of her mother. So when Martin called to tell her he had found the perfect nanny, Alexis testified, she told her father she would not allow his mistress to move into the family home.

Willis wasn’t the only alleged mistress testifying against MacNeill. Wednesday Anna Walthall took the stand. She told the jury she met Martin MacNeill when he was the medical director of her laser hair removal salon. Walthall says that their affair began in March of 2005 after MacNeill helped her through a nasty divorce.

She lived in Park City at the time and said during one of his visits to her home he told her he knew about ways to make someone have a heart attack.

Walthall testified that Martin said, "There's something you can give someone that's natural, that's there after they have a heart attack so that it's not detectable after they have a heart attack."

The defense tried to discredit Walthall by bringing up her mental health issues, but this is not the only time the prosecution will make the case that MacNeill told people he knew of ways to kill a person without it being detected.

The state is expected to bring forward several inmates next week who are expected to testify that martin told them about his murderous plans.
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