Marcos Ortiz: "42"

This is a must see movie if you love baseball.
My daughter had an assignment. Watch "42" the Jackie Robinson movie.  She needed it for extra credit in her social studies class.  What a great experience.  My daughter, wife and myself got to see this wonderful movie.  From the start to the end it was captivating.  My daughter just hated the Philadelphia manager who constantly jeered Jackie.  I asked her how would she feel if that happened to you all the time.  That's what Jackie had to go through.  It was inspiring and brought hope.  Pee Wee Reese embracing Jackie in Cincinnati as fans booed him.  "Maybe next time we'll all wear 42 and they won't know which one is which" he told Jackie.  That brought a chuckle.  Catch it.  It's a good lesson in life.
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