Legislative investigation of AG moves forward

Legislative investigation of AG moves forward

SALT LAKE CITY, (ABC 4 Utah) – An investigation that could lead to the first impeachment in Utah history is moving full speed ahead.
SALT LAKE CITY, (ABC 4 Utah) – An investigation that could lead to the first impeachment in Utah history is moving full speed ahead.

Today the special legislative committee looking into allegations against Attorney General, John Swallow formally appointed a special council and rolled out a website where potential witnesses can report information.

Now the real work begins for a first of its kind case in the state of Utah.

Cg rep. James dunnigan
Committee chair

"We do think this is a significant investigation and we think we have the resources to assist us in that," says Committee Chair, Representative James Dunnigan,

One person assisting in the legislative investigation is Special Council, Steven Reich.
Formally appointed today, he comes from a firm that has experience with high profile political scandals, but it also comes at a high profile cost, $740 an hour.

"I think it's important to recognize that much of the work will be done by other associates that range any where from $100 an hour on up," says Dunnigan.

Much of the work will also depend on witnesses. That's why the committee is calling on anyone with information to get in touch.

"If people have information we encourage them to contact investigators, either online or they can call them direct," says Dunnigan.

With a promise that information will be safeguarded, as much as possible.

"There will be a conversation where they can go ahead and determine whether they are comfortable disclosing and they will be informed of what might be public and what will be protected," says Eric Weeks, Deputy General Council.

Setting the stage for the real investigative work to begin.

"The pace will accelerate, we have our horses now and we're riding them," says Dunnigan.

The committee will hear from investigators and the special council on a regular basis to assess the next steps.

Just one of the investigations looking for answers to allegations of bribery, extortion and violation of election laws by the state's top law enforcement officer.

"We are here to try to determine and protect the facts for the public trust, even though we are charged with this investigation by the state house of representative, we are doing the public's work," says Dunnigan.

Despite the high cost for the special council Representative Dunnigan insists the committee is on track to stay within the three million dollar price tag for the investigation.

If you have information you can submit it here: http://le.utah.gov/

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