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Kim Johnson - Girl power at its finest

Today a couple of Utah women showed me what girl power is truly all about.
Today a couple of Utah women showed me what girl power is truly all about. In January, I was invited to be a judge for the Soroptimist International of Salt Lake’s Women’s Opportunity Awards. The award is a scholarship for women who have overcome the odds.

I spent an entire weekend curled up on the couch reading the 19 applications and choosing two winners was a very difficult task. All the stories were incredible! Today I got to meet the two women whose stories touched me very deeply.

Leslie Saena, 26, will use her award to complete her degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Management. A single mother of two children and a survivor of domestic abuse, she entered college just this year and has 100% perfect attendance and a 4.0 GPA. Leslie has grown to see herself as the leader in her own life story. Her goal is to own her own business.

Tonya Barnes, 31 (pictured right) is studying to become a paralegal and has a long term goal of becoming a family attorney. Tonya is a survivor of both child abuse and domestic abuse, and left her life in Ontario behind last November to move to Utah and start college. Tonya currently supports her daughter and her mother.

I know they will make this scholarship go a long way and I can only hope I will get to meet them again… when all their dreams and hopes become reality.
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