Keeping Kids Quiet and Educated

Keeping Kids Quiet and Educated

Find out the new book that can keep your children occupied by teaching them essential life skills in an engaging way.

Matt, the creator of Wuka, visited the GTU set today to talk about an exciting activity book for children that is sure to keep them entertained.

Matt shared that "As an unruly child, my mother spent months making me a fabric activity book — which became my “quiet book.” The pages crawled with buttons, zippers, ropes to braid, and colors to match. I learned quietly in church, waiting rooms, in the car, and on the plane. The book was mine, made with love, specifically for me and my interests." When Matt had children he requested that his mother make them books as well. His mother spent 100+ hours making Matt's daughters quiet books that were destroyed very quickly once the girls got a hold of the book. 

Matt said he "started looking for options to buy but I couldn’t find anything I really loved and that included just the pages that I knew my girls really wanted. So I began to envisioned “quiet book” that I could custom build one page at a time that was safe, very well designed, and high quality."

The wūka™ is Matt's idea come to life. It is a new kind of toy that links individual pages (called Squares™) to create a unique experience for each individual child. As your children grow, Squares™ can be added or exchanged to grow with them. Matt now has four daughters, and he knows that their wūka™ will grow with them, at their pace, catering to their unique interests and skills.

Problem wūka solves:
  • A wūka helps quietly educate kids in quiet, busy settings like church, flights, waiting rooms, road trips, etc.
  • wūka teaches essential life skills
  • Buttoning, zipping, snapping, tying, imagination, coordination, dexterity, matching, etc.
  • Children are really hard on toys - high quality is a must
  • a wūka has no velcro, no felt, patented high strength binding
  • A wūka is expandable - it grows with a child simply by adding new squares

Wūka has 12 new squares currently in development - you can add more to the wūka you currently have later! Matt says that a wūka is a needed substitute for screen time.

wūkas can be purchased at - we ship all over the world
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