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Introducing The Perfect Problem

May 6-12, ABC 4 Utah presents a special report series focusing on perfectionism and the harmful impact its having on Utah women.
SALT LAKE CITY -  "The Perfect Problem" is a special report series taking an in-depth look at how perfectionism impacts depression among Utah women.
Utah has the highest rate of depression in the country.

From dawn to dusk, beginning Monday May 6, ABC 4 Utah, every program we produce, will address a variety of social and cultural elements that feed perfectionism. We will delve into religion, pornography, body image, infertility, and motherhood.

Throughout the day we'll also have special reports, community based panel discussions, and a series of experts live in our studio to explore all the issues related to this important topic. Not only will this series explore some of the pervasive problems related to depression in Utah, but it will also find solutions to help Utah women and their families.

ABC 4 Utah is committed to being Good 4 Utah... it's our promise to you. The Perfect Problem is our a bold step in fulling this promise. Together, we can successfully overcome the pressures we feel each day and help make Utah a better place. We hope you'll join us on this journey.
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