Homework Bonding: Teaching Tips To Help Your Kids

Homework Bonding: Teaching Tips To Help Your Kids

Erin Mathie, certified teacher and owner of Academic Advancement shows parents how students can succeed by setting up a study routine.
Academic Advancement was started in Utah County in 2008.  They believe in the power of students and teachers working one on one together. It is amazing to see how quickly students grow when they develop a relationship with a tutor who knows their needs, learning style, and motivation. Their teachers take ownership of each child’s education and guide them to self confidence, curriculum success, and independent learning. 

How to get rid of “parental baggage”:
  • Before homework starts, take time to get yourself in a good emotional space. Think of 3 things your child is great at and 3 things you love about them. Try to be in the moment and avoid other concerns like a messy room.
  • Create a system that works around their child’s needs.
  • Utilize your time- Split up homework time if the child's attention span is not long enough to read and do homework. Use car time, other children's lesson time, and morning time to maximize your one on one time with each child.
  • Think outside the kitchen- Sometimes the kitchen table is too distracting. If you are helping multiple kids at the same time, consider splitting them up and using spaces free of distraction.
  • Be consistent- Have a posted homework routine. You can see www.AcademicAdvancement.org for a free video on what should be included in your study routine. Have a plan for days when they do not have homework such as reading, research time, or studying for other subjects. Have rewards built into your study routine.

The Homework Bonding Workshop
Saturday Oct 19th
Broadview University in Orem

Homework Bonding will be an interactive workshop where parents will learn:
1. What words motivate their child's personality type
2. How to cater to their child's learning style
3. How to shed "parenting baggage" for homework time
4. Knowing when you need outside help
5. How to implement systems to reduce homework stress and keep up with all the paperwork
I would love to schedule something. Please feel free to email or call at 801-423-4100


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