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Happy May Day - 99 Cent Geraniums & Containers for Mother’s Day

Stock up on beautiful flowers and learn how to build a beautiful hanging plants
It’s May Day!

Mother’s Day is Sunday May 11th….so this week and next we are going to be talking about gift ideas.

#1: The annual 99 cent geranium sale has arrived at Millcreek Gardens!

#2: Get beautiful pre-planted hanging baskets


#3: Pick your own plants and put together a container for Mom (or yourself…)

A. Pick your container – You can choose from Plastic, Ceramic, Terra Cotta – Really anything that you can put soil in and still has drainage.

B. Use soil not dirt – Millcreek Gardens offers a variety of different planting mixes

D. Play around with plants combinations & positions while they are still in their pots to visualize before you plant.

a. Start from the center with Thrillers
  • i. Bauer’s Dracena Palm (spiky with firm structure)
  • ii. Purple Fountain Grass “Rubrum” (will sway with the wind)
b. Line some of the edges with Spillers
  • i. Superbells “Apricot Punch” (come in a variety of colors – a great performer)
  • ii. Sweet Potato Vine - Ipomea “Batatas Blackie”
  • iii. Sweet Potato Vine - Ipomea “Margarite”
c. Finish the empty spots with Fillers
  • i. Parrots Peak “Amazon Sunset (soft silver/grey/green foliage)
  • ii. Geranium Brocade “Indian Dunes” (lime green foliage)

It’s a Great Day at Millcreek Gardens! www.MillcreekGardens.com
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