Handmade Love

Handmade Love

Local blogger explains why it's OK to embrace every woman's way of showing their children love.
Megan Conley, a blogger, loves to start conversations. Whether it's controversial or just plain fun, Megan loves to get a discussion going. Today's topic? Competition between mothers.

Everybody has heard the term Pinterest mom: mother's that often are original, cook and make things by hand, and maybe out-do other's who may not be so crafty. But, is that a bad thing?

Megan wrote on her blog a story about a friend who showed up with this amazing "poster" she made with reclaimed barn wood, lace-trimmed photos and millinery flowers for her child's preschool graduation. While, other moms may have showed up with a poster they did not put as much effort into.
One mother at the graduation said, "Well I guess we know who wants to win mother of the year." 

Megan's friend says she shows her child love by putting effort into these things for her and that her daughter absolutely loves her creations. To her, this was not about competing with other moms. It was about showing love to her daughter. But, that is not how fellow moms perceive it.

Megan wrote on her blog how mothers need each other. They need to lean on each other, lift each other up and support each other. Not bring each other down.

This blog post went viral immediately and produced responses of all kinds from mothers of all types.

Check out Megan's blog at www.MegInProgress.com

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