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Get Great Hair in Your 50's

Matthew addresses the most common problems women in their 50's face with their hair and how to help...
Matthew Landis is here to help all women with their hair! Today he talked about women in their 50's and the specific problems they face.

50s are a time of significant change and the top concerns are grey hair and thinning hair.

Hair color is one of the most significant reasons women look younger in their 50s than previous generations. Grey hair can be beautiful, but it can age you, and most women aren't ready for that just yet. The good news is that women in their 50s generally have more time and more money to spend on getting their color touched-up.

Choosing the right color is important because our skin tone also begins to change. Warmer colors are often preferable to brighten our skin. Lighter colors can begin to camouflage the grey as well. And don't forget to color your brows and eyelashes as well. No only will it balance everything out, but it will make wearing makeup easier.

Thinning hair is probably the most stressful thing for a woman to deal with. Menopause, stress, and medication are just a few of the reasons hair may begin to thin. Minoxidil (Rogaine) is the only FDA approved medication for women experiencing hair loss. There are products and supplements out there that claim to help as well, but I suggest talking to your doctor and your hairdresser to find the right thing for you.

The right color, cut, and styling products can also help make hair look fuller and thicker.

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