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Fallen deputy's family will not get his full benefits

OREM, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - The family of a slain Utah sheriff's sergeant has already lost their husband and father. Now they may lose everything else as well.
 (Felicia Martinez )
(Felicia Martinez )
OREM, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Just ten weeks after burying their husband and father, the family of Sgt. Cory Wride is experiencing another loss, this time a financial one.

The Sargent in the Utah County Sheriff's Department was shot and killed during a traffic stop in Eagle Mountain on January 30th.

Sgt. Wride had 19 years and 3 months of service with the Sheriff's Department at the time of his murder, 9 months short of the 20 years required to receive full benefits.

Instead of an anticipated $250,000 death benefit and 65% of Cory's salary, his widow Nanette Wride and her two minor children will receive a one-time payment of $1500 and $1863 a month, barely enough to cover their $1400 a month health premium. Wride's oldest stepson Nathan Mohler says it's not nearly enough.

"I used to work in an iron foundry," Mohler told ABC 4 News. "I would have been better taken care of if I had died in an iron foundry accident than my...mom is now and that's unacceptable. Unacceptable."

Mohler said his father would be livid over the situation.

"My mom said that my dad said shortly before he died, ironically, that if I ever die in the line of duty, you'll be set," Mohler said. "You'll never have to work a day in your life again. The way the pension has been set up, the way the retirement is, the State takes care of its employees. Well apparently they don 't. It's sad."

State Representative Paul Ray (R-Clearfield) plans to introduce legislation to fix the loophole by paying more to the families of fallen officers and having the State pay their health insurance premiums.

"They need to be better taken care of," Mohler said. "Especially when something like this happens."

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