Eviction notice issued to Park City Mountain Resort

Eviction notice issued to Park City Mountain Resort

PARK CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - An eviction notice has been issued to Park City Mountain Resort. Wednesday, the resort received a notice saying they have until Monday to move off part of the land they are renting.

PARK CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah)  - An eviction notice has been issue to Park City Mountain Resort. Wednesday, the resort received a notice saying they have until Monday to move off the 3,700 acres of resort terrain after they failed to renew their lease in 2011. The land is currently being managed by Vail resorts.

ABC 4 Utah talked to Utah Real Estate Attorney, Walter Keane, to get his perspective. He says the landlord has every right. “In the world of Utah evictions harshness is the standard. People have to leave very abruptly,” say Keane. He goes on to say it's unfortunate but it’s the law and it’s standard with no lease agreement. "If they refuse than the land lord can obtain an order of restitution which can then be turned over to a constable or sheriff who will visit the property and forcibly remove and persons or property associated with the tenant,” says Keane.

If Vail Resorts does take over the land they would not have rights to parking lots, base lodges, or chairlifts that carry guests up from the base area. Therefore making it nearly impossible to run a ski resort. Park City Mountain Resort wouldn't speak on camera, but their Vice President and General Manager, Jenni Smith, issued the following statement:

"Vail's eviction notice is nothing more than a bald faced attempt to circumvent the litigation already in process and interfere with our business. We will not give in to Vail's bullying and look forward to conducting business as usual for the 2013-14 season."

In response to the statement Keane says “The choice of words that their using regarding bullying is something I hear all the time from people I represent who are evicted. It is bullying process, it is very powerful process and I'm sure a criminal would feel bullied by the police but the law is what the law is and they will be gone.” 

A hearing has been scheduled for next month, but it doesn't change the fact park city is still facing a five day eviction notice. ABC 4 Utah also reached out to Vail Resorts, but they did not return our calls.


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