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E-Cigarette bill failed but regulations still come down on vapor companies and users

It was a rush to get House Bill 112 pass the state senate and back to the house before the clock ran out of time.
MURRAY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) –

It was a rush to get House Bill 112 pass the State Senate and back to the House before the clock ran out of time.

“It's 11:58 at that time and they are looking all over the Dias for the bill because we physically have to have the bill to take action on it and they couldn't find it. So time ran out on us,” said Representative Paul Ray.

Time the representative will use to bring a more comprehensive plan back to Utah, including the manufacturing and use of nicotine or juice.

“A manufacturer has to license that's manufacturing the e juice. ‘cause some people make them in there basement garage and then they go sell them in a retail space. There [are] no standards required for that,” said Rep. Ray.

Standards iVape is putting into practice.

“I think we need to do what we need to do to make people happy. Never mind what the government is trying to do,” said owner Grant Hiller.

iVape makes their own juice in stainless steal containers and label what they put into their product.

“What they are getting is what they are supposed to be getting and what is noted on the bottle that way they know what's going on and putting into their body,” says Hiller.

Substances both sides of the aisle don’t want in the hands of the youth.

“We have 16-17-18-year-olds try and come in here all the time. I don't like it,” said Hiller.

“The age verification processes are not very good right now. Those need to be refined. I don't have any trust or faith in those systems at this point,” said Rep. Ray.

“We were working with them to develop a solution that will scan IDs up to age 19,” added Aaron Fraizer of Utah Vapers.

Cashiers will be able to scan a state identification card. A lot like if you were going to a restaurant, bar or state liquor store to verify a person’s age.

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