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DoDots- The All-In-One Family System

Encourage your kids to get their chores done without all the nagging with this creative and innovative system...
Why DoDots?
  • All-In-One Family System. Tired of making separate chores charts, behavior charts, goal charts, tracking homework, practice (piano) time, etc. Wanted something low-maintenance for parents.
  • Successful for all ages. Works as much for the 3 year old as the 16 year old. Never need to make another chart – grows with children.
Remember a membership included in each purchase! Step-by-step tutorial videos that explain everything in detail on our website. DoDots Program and hands-on board go together for success.

You will never need to make another chart again. The board runs itself, allowing more family time together. Thousands of families are using DoDots and are amazing with the long-term improvements in their children and household.

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