Digital fantasy world takes over Salt Lake Comic Con

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - The second day of the Salt Lake ComicCon wrapped up Friday night.
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 UTAH)- The second day of the Salt Lake ComicCon wrapped up Friday night. More big name celebrities like Adam West and William Shattener greeted fans. Crowds packed into the Salt Palace which made for an interesting mix of fans from multiple generations. Half of the building dedicated to the old comics and the other half, all about the new digital world of fantasy.

The Salt Lake Comic Con's Day two included all the scary and elaborate costumes you'd expect at this type of event.

"It gives them a sense of getting outside of the pressures of the world," said Pokemon's Andrea Sargent.

It started with old comics written to take the average American's mind away from the world wars and Depression into a fantasy. But it's not on paper anymore.

"It's digital, its card games being played, its role playing, larping, it all kind of mingles together," said Sargent.

Games like Pokemon that have blossomed in this fantasy world of entertainment. It's all handheld, lights up, and changes with the click of a button.

"You have this game pad and you get to put heroes on the game pad and you get to chose if you play monsters university or the invencibes or whatever you want," said gamer Karleah Stucky.

You can be and do whatever you want, no matter your age

"It's harry potter, dr who, or game of thrones," said Thomas Horton dressed as a Dr. Who character.

What was once thought of as nerdy or geeky, now is cool. Like Harry Potter's success linking all generations into a new kind of super hero with magical powers. Whether it's your grandfather's milk cartons full of old comic books, or the kids playing in front of a screen, Comic Con brings out one thing they all share in common.

"Entertainment and world that you get to escape into and enjoy and then talk about it," said Horton.
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