Dana Greene - Corbin caught in a tough spot

Dana Greene - Corbin caught in a tough spot

Jazz head coach Tyrone Corbin must develop his young players, yet he has to win now.
What is Tyrone Corbin to do?

The Jazz head coach has been under much scrutiny lately as his team flails down the stretch of the NBA season.

Corbin has been charged with developing the Jazz young players like Derrick Favors, Enes Kanter and Alec Burks. But he also needs to win now, and he has shown he trusts his veterans like Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson more than his young guys.

But the way Favors and Kanter have played lately, they can be trusted as well.

They need to feel the pressure of trying to make the playoffs, where every game's importance is magnified. Corbin has done this, keeping Millsap on the bench in the 4th quarter at Houston. But there is also no excuse that Burks was on the floor 8 minutes against Dallas.

Favors has played more than 30 minutes just one time this month, and only four times all season. For a coach that preaches the importance of defense, why is he not playing his best defender more?

Either Jefferson or Millsap or both will not be back next season. The best the Jazz are going to do this season is earn the 8th seed and lose in the first round to either the Spurs or the Thunder. The Jazz will have nine free agents next season, with most of them not likely to return. So why not let the guys we know will be back (Kanter, Favors, Burks) feel the pressure of March and April, so when they are counted on next season, it won't be a first-time experience?

Because Corbin has always trusted his veterans, even if they are letting him down in the most crucial part of the season.
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