Dana Greene - BYU should just run, baby

Dana Greene - BYU should just run, baby

Led by Taysom Hill and Jamaal Williams, BYU's running attack reached historic marks against Texas.
BYU should never throw another pass again.

OK, maybe that's an exaggeration, but the way the Cougars ran the ball against Texas, putting up a school-record 550 yards, BYU may need to re-think its offensive strategy. They ran the Longhorns so hard, Mack Brown fired his defensive coordinator the next day.

Sure, opposing defenses will start to stack the box even more now against the Cougars, daring Taysom Hill to throw the ball, and why not? Hill has completed just 22 of 66 passes in his first two games. That's an extremely unimpressive 33 percent.

But with the changes to the offensive line, Jamaal Williams averaging 164 yards per game, and Hill coming off an incredible 259 yards, 3-touchdown performance against Texas, BYU has found its identity.

Hill is going to be able to complete some passes to keep defenses honest. With Cody Hoffman returning to the lineup, he should be able to improve his completion rate, but why throw the ball 40 times like he did against Virginia? Hill threw 26 times against Texas, completing just nine passes, but the running game was potent enough to put up 40 points.

The Cougars have the beef up front, the speed in Williams, the hard nosed short yardage runner in Paul Lasike, and most importantly, the right quarterback in Hill to run the read option offense. BYU should be now be a run first, pass later type of offense that could grind out 300-350 yards per game on the ground.

I know it sounds strange with all the passing tradition that exists at Quarterback U. But offensive coordinator Robert Anae needs to realize the talent he has to work with and turn BYU into a running school, at least for now.
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