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Current Research Studies With Jean Brown

Be a part of a research study with Jean Brown and help advance treatments in medicine!
Jean Brown is a globally known, stand-alone research facility that conducts clinical trials here in Utah. With 27 years of experience they conduct research training for physicians and can manage the entire trial, contract for portions of a trial and do single site or multiple site studies. With a highly trained staff their #1 priorities are safety and quality. Jean Brown knows if trials are run poorly then people get hurt not only in the present but the future. The researchers have integrity and knowledge when it comes to conducting these trials. 

Clinical trials are medical research studies to test whether different treatments are safe and how well they work. Some trials involve healthy members of the public, and others involve patients who may be offered the option of taking part in a trial during their care and treatment. The purpose of a clinical study is to prevent disease and reduce the number of people who become ill. Studies help treat illnesses and improve survival rates they also improve the quality of life for people living with illness. The hope is to improve the quality of life for the people living with these illnesses. For example, trials are often used to test new medicines or vaccines, but they can also be used to look at new combinations of existing medicines. They can also be used to test whether giving a treatment in a different way will make it more effective or reduce any side effects. Some trials are designed to try out ways to prevent a particular disease in people who have never had the disease, or to prevent a disease from returning.

Clinical trials are the best way to compare different approaches to preventing and treating illness and health problems. Health professionals and patients need the evidence from trials to know which treatments work best. Without trials, there is a risk that people could be given treatments which have no advantage, waste resources and could be harmful.
Many treatments that are now commonly used were tested in clinical trials.

All trials have guidelines about who can take part. These are called eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria make sure that trials include the sort of people who may benefit from the treatment, and to make sure that people who take part are not put at risk. Many drug trials do not allow pregnant women to take part as there may be a risk to the unborn baby.People who are already taking particular medicines may also not be able to take part as these may affect the treatment being tested. There are stringent inclusions and exclusions that must be met in order for one to participate in a clinical trial. People who take part in trials often feel that they are taking an active part in their health care. They are also helping others, by helping to identify the best treatments.

If you feel that you would like to take part in a clinical study with Jean Brown here is a list of current studies being conducted and enrolling now:

Wisdom Teeth Removal
Dental Carries Prevention
Hot Flashes
Candidiasis/yeast infections
Flu vaccines (peds and adult)
Otitis Media – Ear Infections
Cancer Pain
Nasal Polyps
Over Active Bladder (OA)
Benign Prostate Hypertrophy (BPH)
Low Testosterone
Interstitial Cystitis (IC)

Contact Jean Brown Research at:
1045 East 3900 South, Suite 101, Salt Lake City, UT

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